The following Subcommittees have been formed in order to provide guidance and expertise in various areas of the Plan.

Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee meets approximately 4 to 6 times a year to discuss member communications and review communication projects and initiatives. The Communications Subcommittee has a significant role in reviewing the Plan’s newsletters, and other significant member communications such as those that pertain to Plan changes.


  • Shannon Dunn, Pension Board Member
  • Laura O’Neill, Pension Board Member
  • Kathy Pang, Communications Manager
  • Margaret Leathley, Pension Administrator
  • Debbie Wilson, Director, Pensions

Audit Subcommittee

The Audit Subcommittee is responsible for working with the Plan’s auditor, Deloitte, to produce the annual financial statements for the Plan. This includes a full review by the Audit Subcommittee and final approval by the SPP Independent Chair. This subcommittee meets during the spring when the Plan’s financial statements are being produced.


  • Barry Gros, Independent Chair
  • Joanna Carson, Pension Board Member
  • Alan Marchant, Pension Board Member
  • Debbie Wilson, Director, Pensions