Joining the SPP

Why Join the UBC Staff Pension Plan?

The more pensionable service you have, the greater your pension benefit will be. Your SPP pension benefit is calculated based on a formula using your pensionable earnings (salary) and your years of pensionable service. Therefore, if you join the Plan as soon as you are eligible, you will earn more pensionable service than if you wait until later or until it is mandatory to join.

Joining the SPP is Easy

When you join the Plan you are required to submit Proof of Age documents for yourself and your spouse (if you have one) along with your enrolment form to the UBC Pension Administration Office. A photocopy of one of the following documents will be accepted to verify the date of birth:

  • BC Driver’s License and Services Card* (combined)
  • BC Photo ID Card*
  • BC Services Card*
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Card (issued prior to February 2012)
  • Driver’s License* (regular or enhanced)
  • Nexus Card*
  • Passport*
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status*

*All asterisked documents must have a valid expiry date (not expired) at the time of submitting your documents. Please provide these copies to the UBC Pension Administration Office immediately after submitting your SPP Enrolment Form or when you submit your form in person.

New Employees – Online Enrolment Process

When you are first hired, you will receive an offer letter with an enrolment package code (e.g., SEP002, SEP003, SEP017) for use with the benefits online enrolment process at UBC.

To enrol in the SPP, follow the instructions within the online session and complete the optional pension enrolment form. Your forms will be sent directly to the UBC Pension Administration Office once they have been received by payroll.

Current Employees Who Delayed Enrolment

If you did not enrol when you were first hired at UBC, complete and sign an SPP Enrolment Form and submit it to the UBC Pension Administration Office.

Deferred Members Who Have Been Re-Employed

If you are a Deferred member of the SPP and return to employment at UBC into an eligible salaried position, you will automatically begin to earn pensionable service, once the UBC Pension Administration Office is notified of your rehire. You do not need to fill out an enrolment form again to become an Active member of the Plan.

Mandatory Enrolment

When you reach your mandatory enrolment date or April 1, 2020 if earlier, joining the SPP will take place automatically. When this happens, you still must complete an SPP Enrolment Form, detailing your beneficiary, and return the signed copy to the UBC Pension Administration Office. We recommend that you complete this as soon as possible so that your desired beneficiary is on file.

Where Can I Find an Enrolment Form?

You can download the SPP Enrolment Form from our website, or visit the UBC Pension Administration Office and fill one out in person. Remember to bring your Proof of Age document(s) with you.

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