Advisors & Consultants

Actuary: Aon Hewitt

Aon Hewitt has been the Plan’s Actuary since 1989. They provide actuarial services to the Plan, which include benefit calculations and testing, reviewing member communication when needed, writing Plan Texts and Amendments, and conducting the Plan’s triennial Actuarial Valuation.

Auditor: Deloitte

Deloitte has been the Plan’s auditor since 2005. Each year, Deloitte audits the Plan’s financial statements which comprises of the statement of financial position and the statement of change in financial position at the year end and the notes to the financial statements. See the Annual Reports section of this website for financial statements for the Staff Pension Plan.

Communication: Simons Solutions

Simons Solutions has been the Plan’s Communication Consultant since 2011. Maureen Simons, Principal, works primarily with the Plan’s Communications Coordinator and Communication Subcommittee on member communication as well as communication planning and strategy.

Custodian: The Northern Trust Company, Canada

Northern Trust is the Plan’s custodian effective July 2015. As the Plan’s custodian, Northern Trust holds the Plan’s funds in trust.

Asset Consultant: PBI Actuarial Consultant Ltd.

PBI has been the Plan’s asset consultant since 2010. PBI works closely with the SPP Board to develop the Plan’s policy asset mix and investment strategies.