The UBC Staff Pension Plan (SPP) funds are invested in accordance with the Plan’s Statement of Policies and Procedures (SIPP). The SIPP is prepared by the SPP Board with assistance of the Plan’s investment consultant and input of the Plan’s investment manager, UBC Investment Management Trust (IMANT) Inc., and is approved by the UBC Board of Governors.

The SIPP defines the governance structure for the SPP Fund and formulates investment principles, guidelines and monitoring procedures to manage the assets of the Plan in accordance with the B.C. Pension Benefits Standards Act (PBSA). This Policy is supplementary to the rules contained in the PBSA.  Each investment manager employed by the Plan must adhere to the guidelines in the SIPP. The SIPP also outlines permitted types of investments and the allocation of funds between different asset classes.

For a list of the Plan’s investment managers and the investment asset policy mix, please refer to the Staff Pension Plan page on the UBC IMANT website.

Fund Net Rate of Return

The net rate of return is the rate of return earned by the SPP Pension Fund after accounting for gains, losses and expenses. The table below represents the historical net rate of return from the Plan over the past 10 years.

Year Net Rate of Return
2010 9.79%
2011 5.04%
2012 9.32%
2013 9.42%
2014 14.02%
2015 5.08%
2016 7.29%
2017 8.22%
2018 2.02%
2019 12.35%

Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Please see the Plan’s Annual Reports & Financial Statements for additional investment and financial information.